ein gute-Nacht-Gedicht..

Wow, seit Ewigkeiten mal wieder ein Gedicht verfasst.

27. Februar 2011

What do I want? I see your face everyday
and I ask my self again and again
share my life with you or let you go
that is a question not a dream

I knew what I wanted, I always fight
fighting makes you stronger but does it even help?
Consider we are not meant to be
we're on our way of self-destruction
I always thought together we should be happy

I loved you from the start, did I?
I am insecure right now, not alright
You know my thoughts, you share them
You told me once without words
and twice in your sleep

How to go on, my love seems cheap
I don't want to give up or give in
I want to hold on because I don't know if it's the right thing
what would be better, for you and for me
are we living a hopeless dream?

27.2.11 22:18

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